under construction

I've been meaning to share some thoughts on my first days and experiences in Berlin but it somehow didn't come easy.

I tried to figure out how I'm really feeling underneath the surface, but I guess there was not enough space totruly evaluate my emotional state. I was simply functioning to get everything set up for my family and me. My priority was - and still is - making our daughter as comfortable as possible despite the change of scenes. Looking back, I know I felt slightly unstable and uncomfortable as everything was "under construction" and had to be organized or set up. If you translate that state into the context of Yoga, it feels just like getting into a new asana for the very first time. First you don't really know where it's going. Your mind is busy listening to the instructions of the teacher. Your body is trying to somehow execute the information.


Often there is not enough space to think about how it feels until you fully understand the pose, which is actually not always a bad thing since your mind is so focused on the new posture that it can't easily drift off to other shores. And I'm sure we all know that experience of drifting off in a familiar yoga asana when you get for the 5000th times into Pachimottanasana, DownDog, etc. and you can't stop thinking about what we are going to have for lunch later or what else you have to check of from your to-do list. At least I know that kind of feeling :)


However, once you have practiced an asana a couple of times, the posture feels more familiar and you probably feel more stable and comfortable in it. This is exactly how I felt after the big move from NYC to Berlin. I tried to follow the long list of "instructions" and execute them as good as possible like getting registered, setting up the apartment, finding a babysitter for our daughter, doing groceries, trying out yoga studios, etc. and now slowly I'm starting to feel more stable and comfortable again in our new environment.