Netflix, Deep Breathing and New Chapters.

It still feels surreal: Our upcoming move from Brooklyn to Berlin as well as the fact that I used to live in NYC and Brooklyn for the last 6 years. Who would have thought that a small-town girl from Bavaria ends up living in the Big Apple and marrying a handsome business man & Yogi from India. It actually sounds like a cool storyline from one of the American drama series I used to watch on TV when I was younger, wondering how life would be like that. And here I am - the main character of my own life. I have to admit, besides my yogic lifestyle, I still like to sometimes binge watch on Netflix in bed after a long day. I guess, old habits die hard.

The last couple of weeks and days have been quite busy, chaotic, unsettling and full of emotions since we are getting closer to the actual moving date. My husband and I are both excited about the new chapter in our lives with our 1 year old daughter and at the same time sad to leave our friends and current life here behind. Even we both wanted to leave NY eventually to live closer to our families in Germany and India, it suddenly feels a bit fast since it's really happening. But I guess, it's just hitting me now since we started saying good-bye to most of our friends, selling a lot of our furniture, making arrangements for our last couple of days and packing our stuff in boxes. 

Since I had a lot of things on my to-do list before the big move and I didn't get a lot of sleep, I started cutting back my yoga practice to a bare minimum. First I was ok, as I was simply missing my "me" time on the yoga mat. But then my body started sending me signals like skin break-outs, slow digestion, weight gain, sluggishness, eventually also a stiff neck and lots of emotional ups-and-downs. Even I had gone through that before, it took me a while to connect the dots and really accept where this is coming from. I was simply not taking good care of myself. And it was only a downward spiral where it was up to me to dig myself out. Funnily enough, not making time for myself and my practice didn't really get me more time to take care of things or be productive. It actually had a reverse effect on my productivity and especially well being. At first it seemed so much more relaxing and easy to simply relax on the couch, watch Netflix and eat something yummy whenever I had a quiet moment. But at the end, this kind of relaxation doesn't really last long as we all know. I realized I had to change something and simply get back on my yoga mat - whether it would be just for a couple of minutes or maybe even for a full yoga class. And obviously and not surprisingly, the effort paid off. Even just a couple of minutes of deep breathing and stretching made a big difference in my day. I was able to be more patient with myself, my husband, our daughter, etc., think more clearly, my body felt less achy and I had a bit more energy throughout the days even the move was obviously still tiring. It just made things and life a bit easier "off the mat" :)

Luckily I'm married to a yogi and so we both made the decision to take a little time out in between the move and go on a yoga and surf retreat in Costa Rica with Kula Yoga Project. Some much needed time, practice and nourishment for our bodies and soul. Will keep you posted how it went....

And then it was suddenly time to say goodbye and say hello to a new adventure... Hello, Berlin.