In between

In between 

In between our old life in Brooklyn and our new life to come in Berlin, we decided to take a little vacation in Costa Rica. At first it seemed a bit crazy to add another trip to CR in the midst of packing for our big move to Berlin  - which means more planning, extra packing, additional flights & lots of changes for our little one. But just after one day here in CR, everything feels so far away: the move, planning, decisions, good-byes, emotions... there is suddenly space to breathe, relax, enjoy nature and simply be. 

We are literally in the jungle, surrounded by all kinds of tropical trees, wild animals and ocean, in a small retreat place called Boca Sombrero. We got nothing else to do then practice yoga with two great yoga teachers (Schuyler and Alex from Kula Yoga Project NY), take surf lessons, cool off in the pool, go for a hike, get a massage, eat yummy fresh food or just sleep. Sounds like heaven? Feels definitely like heaven!

Sometimes it simply needs a change of scenery or change of lifestyle, to get some space and feel your-"true"-self again. It's easy to get stuck in your own routines, habitual thinking and regular life with all it's obligations and expectations from the out- and inside. Most of us just function during the week and forget or don't allow ourselves to really "live". It's actually a luxury in our society to have time for yourself and to be able to "go with the flow". I usually also get easily carried away by my thoughts, worries and to-do lists, but whenever I take some time to get on the mat and breath consciously, I start feeling like myself again. I get to feel my breath and my own body and through that continues flow of breath and movement, I get remembered that I'm not just that body and mind even I have a luckily a healthy body and mind. The outer world starts moving further away like a wave that just arrives at the shore and then inevitably gets drawn back into the sea. Just as waves come and go, low tide is followed by high tide, the sun rises and sets, day turns into night - again and again. It's that natural flow and circle of life that reminds us - if we are willing to listen - to actually go with the flow, ride the waves of life and see where it takes us. It's only up to us if we decide to just participate or enjoy the ride wherever it might take us. Let's not waste time, catch the wave and enjoy the ride! 

Take a moment to lay down on your back or sit in a comfortable upright position like Sukhasana and close your eyes. Put one hand on your belly and rest the other hand next to you if you are on your back or on your thigh if you are upright. Take a deep breath in through your nose, fill your lungs  and lengthen your body, then exhale and sigh out through your mouth. See if you can "let go" of holding on to your thoughts, sensations or tensions in your body or any outer stimulations whenever you exhale. Repeat this 2x times and then relax both hands next to you or on your thighs, let the breath flow in a natural way and simply observe your breath internally. Watch the in- and exhalations like you would be watching waves coming to the shore and flowing back into the ocean - again and again. Until you "drift" into a state of simply being and enjoying the space between the thoughts. 


Om Shanti