Where I've taught, practiced & lived. 

MONJA MANI is an advanced certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (800hrs+ Jivamukti, 75+ Kula Yoga NYC) based in Berlin. She has taught yoga across many studios in NYC, Munich and Berlin (Germany) and continues to teach workshops in Europe and US. Monja began her yoga practice and studies 15 years ago in Germany and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. As a former contemporary dancer, she teaches a mindful, creative & uplifting vinyasa flow that focuses on intention, breath, alignment and grace. Monja's wish is to impart to her students the many gifts she has received through her ongoing practice and studies – a greater sense of authenticity, presence, strength, grace, gratitude, compassion and love for all living beings. She just moved to Berlin from New York City, and lives with her beautiful daughter and husband.  Monja offers deep reverence and gratitude to her teachers in all of their forms.



2003 WOYO ® teacher training, Munich
2005 WOYO ® medical approved teacher certification, Munich
2009 Jivamukti teacher training, NY (300hrs)
2010 Jivamukti apprenticeship, NYC (500hrs)
2013 Jivamukti advanced teacher certification, Munich
2014 Prenatal training Khalsa Way ®, NYC (75hrs)
2016 Mindfulnesstraining, Berlin
2016 Kula advanced training and certification, NYC (75hrs)


Where I've taught

Pure Yoga , Prema Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga School, Yoga Works (NYC, U.S.)

Jivamukti Yoga School, Holmes Place (Berlin), Body & Soul (Munich) 

“To truly connect with a yoga teacher and reap the benefits of their knowledge and experience, I find it’s imperative that you know your teacher really cares. I could feel how much Monja was grateful to guide and assist my practice. She sincerely wanted me to reach my goals, so I always felt supported. Plus, I got a great workout!”
— Stephen Wishner, devoted student and recent accredited Yoga Teacher